Well it has certainly been a long and strange journey for us in involved the Master Farmer project. It started with a Russian coder working for two months, and being unable to use the decay token the Ukranian made, so we hired the Ukranian, Igor to redo the code and…

Little bit of a launch hiccup but we still have almost all the CROPS holders who were airdropped for being in the Presales.

Farm is launching today and I expect the price to recover easily. We have a strong community and everyone is ready to farm!

We are now nearing the end of the Master Farmer Farm coding escapade

Today is December 14th, and it has been almost 3 Months since the start of the ‘coding’, but as almost everyone knows, the original coder gave us little more than a UI. …

Percent allocations to core value pools:

Percent allocations to core value pools:

5% to surf/crops
5% to wbtc/crops
5% to usdc/crops
5% to eth/crops
5–10% mft/crops — for the first 10 days
10% to eth/crops Permanently locked
After a pool expires we will burn it’s tokens until a new pool is assigned to take its APY…

From September to Today.

Today is the last day of November 2020,

I am also surprised the project is not finished but the Internet is the modern ‘Wild West’ And our project got slowed down by a ‘Scam’ Coder. This Russian guy we hired through freelancer worked very very slowly…

Master Farmer’s CROPS

By Ghost Carapace (One of the most important members of the Master Yield Farmer Project)

In decentralized finance, we have seen a large number of projects come and go. The latest craze has been the advent of the sushi clone and the “governance” token. Now, these governance tokens let people vote, but many times they are poorly diguised and follow an old story. They let…

Welcome Farmers and Investors!

Yesterday the Master Farmer Private sale ended and we achieved our goal of 30ETH

Updates: We have received the farming code from the coder and are working on the ideal setup for the farm for the maximum longevity of the project.

  1. We plan to do a one year Liquidity lock in Unicrypt
  2. We plan to have 3 types of farm pools each with different Lockdown times and different APYs, the longer the lock the higher the APY
  3. We plan to add various other protocols and use cases to maintain the longevity of the CROPS token’s value.

We appreciate all your participation and patience and welcome you all to help make this project one of a kind. If you have any suggestions to make it better please contact us!


Master Farmer

Master Farmer

Yield farming with stable APYs, No Rug Pulls, No Scams, Staking, Restaking and Growth Pools! Core Pools: ETH, SURF, WBTC,USDC, BADGER!

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