Introducing MasterFarmer(CROPS)

MasterFarmer is a new exciting experimental open source Defi project.

MasterFarmer will have both an Ethereum (ERC20) Token

What is the MFT token?

The MFT Token was the original token created for the Master Farmer Farm, we are using it as a placeholder until the project launches, then each MFT holder will receive a 1:1 Ration of our new token called CROPS.

The Master Farmer project will be community focused meaning that whatever tokens people vote to farm will be available after the Initial Pools.
Any major decisions such as when will the Presale be, token cost and Uniswap token cost will be voted on in our Telegram group. We also plan to have both ERC20. Master Farmer is based on Sushi Code and will be audited for any errors.

2. What is the minted supply for MFT & CROPS token?

40,000 MFT Were Originally Minted. Each MFT Holder will recieve 1:1 CROPS token for each MFT in their wallet. 24,000 CROPS token will be minted initially, and each reward will create new CROPS tokens so we have implemented a 2.5% Transactional burn and 1% Daily Global Decay.

CROPS token is mined by staking on our website. We have added 2 time locks to our of pools on launch to reward early birds and provide some stable liquidity.

3. When will the pools begin?

The Master Farmer Farm will begin after its been audited around Dec 21st

4. How long will the mining last for each pool?

For the first six pools, each pool has 21 days for mining since its start. Every three days, the minable CROPS tokens will reduce in half for the next round. This is to encourage miners and communities to participate mining early on to get maximum rewards in CROPS.

At launch, MasterFarmer will start with 4 basic Pools:


In addition there will be 2 ETH Pools with time locks of 3 days and 7 days. Which will end at the end of those time periods, and reward higher than the other pools. (Check Pools article)

There will also be 8 Restaking and 8 Growth Pools

Later we will add other tokens based on the communities votes.

CROPS is distributed to each miner in the pool, the rewards amount depends on the individual’s staking amount and time, and the distribution amount for that round. We encourage miners to participate early to maximize rewards in CROPS

5. Will CROPS token be listed on Uniswap?

Yes. After Audit and code correction We will Add 67ETH Liquidity to Uniswap.

6. How do I harvest and unstake?

Click the harvest and all your staked assets & earnings for that pool will be transferred to your ETH address.

7. Is there any additional fees?

You only need to pay a gas fee in ETH for calling MasterFarmer smart contract.

8. Does Master Farmer developer get anything?

Of the amount of CROPS tokens minted for the community, 2.5% of that amount is minted for the developer team to support future development of the Master Farmer ecosystem etc.

9. Is the Master Farmer contract audited?

The code will be available on Github for the public to review at any time. We will have various coders review the code before it goes live to prevent any errors.

Written by Master Farmer

Yield farming with stable APYs, No Rug Pulls, No Scams, Staking, Restaking and Growth Pools! Core Pools: ETH, SURF, WBTC,USDC, BADGER!